Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bangles and a Storage Stand

I love collecting bangles and wear them (mainly to family functions and marriages). Over the time my collection need a space of it own and that is when I bought a wooden bangle stand.
We were is Jammu there you could find lots of wooden items, shawls and other handicraft items. While sight seeing I found this bangle stand nothing extra ordinary but I like it and thought of buying it. Such small things and collectibles always remind and refresh your memories. 
Size: 12"X12"
Side stands: 2 with inlay work (Inlay is a craft to decorate items by inserting pieces of contrasting materials in depression of base object to forms patterns)
2 sticks which have screws to assemble stand 
6 sticks to put bangles which can be placed to slanted cut groves and are easy to remove and place black.

Looks beautiful
Good storage capacity
Easy to clean, using dry cloth
Can be detached and store easily if not in use, will not eat lot of space
No top cover so dust can be problem

I picked this up for Rs 750 from Jammu after a bargaining. Online its available at around Rs 1100, can be bought from Delhi haat and wooden handicraft shops, Janpath (CP)

I am planning to add some stones and color to its side panels. 


  1. Wow ! So cute .. I have seen them, my aunt used to have such stand .. :)

  2. Great.. its so nice.
    Even i need one such stand to organize my bangles and bracelets.:)

    1. DIY use hanger till stand is not available

  3. It looks very useful - much better than storing bangles in boxes. How do you manage the dust though?

    1. I have kept stand in my cosmetics cupboard to avoid dust..

  4. The stand is very pretty.. I hang my bangles in a hanger and hang it inside my cupboard to avoid dust and save space...

  5. For cover u can just take a pillow cover and cut it or even a cushion cover will work... If you know switching u can do one yourself.I have made one myself.

  6. I will tell u an easy way to cover the stand.U can either use a pillow or cushion cover . If u know switching u can make one urself. I have made one.. :)


Thank you for reading and your comment. :-)

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